ESOF Session - 12th July - 17:15 - 18:30

How higher education in Africa articulates with labor markets

Africa is affected by an exceptional population growth. It is the region of the world where the young population will be the most important in the coming decades. This massive increase in youth poses many challenges, primarily in education. Higher education and research know a massive and rapid expansion, but very uneven and of disparate quality across the continent.

The main objective of this session is first to evaluate this massification of higher education, in terms of numbers, growth curve, built infrastructure, trained and equipped staff, organization. The questions of quality and teaching will then be examined. Finally, the articulation of training with labor markets and, more broadly, socio-economic and cultural integration conditions deserves a lot of attention.

These aspects will be observed from several sites and over several countries.

A keynote talk based on recent sociological results will be discussed by experts with different kind of field experience.

Moderator :

R Omungo2Rosalia Omungo, Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, Nairobi, Kenya


MeyerJean-Baptiste Meyer, Research Director, French National Institute of Research for Sustainable Development (IRD-France), Montpellier, France

Connie2Connie Nshemereirwe, Independant Scientist, Actualise Africa & Global Young Academy, Kampala, Uganda

Dia2Hamidou Dia, Scientist, French National Institute of Research for Sustainable Development (IRD-France), Dakar, Senegal

Nafa 2Aziz Nafa, Scientist, Scientist, Center for Research in Economy for Development (CREAD), Algiers, Algeria

Weldemariam2Komminist Weldemariam, Scientist and manager, IBM Reserach Africa, Nairobi, Kenya