ESOF Session - 11th July - 10:15 - 11:30

Why I Wanted to Become a Scientist

ESOF 2018 motto is "Sharing Science: towards new horizons". Moreover, around 40% of attendants are expected to be students and young researchers.

We propose in this session to share the experience of some of these young researchers coming from extra-european horizons, and who may be role models for their peers and for younger students from Europe and elsewhere. Some of these experiences may also inspire more senior scientists.

We will seize the opportunity of the Young African Scientists in Europe (YASE) satellite conference of ESOF to share the experience of some of its attendants, especially regarding their motivations to become scientists. For many of these young African scientists, it has been a hard challenge to come in Europe for a PhD: no scientific familial background, overcrowded universities in their home countries, difficulties to get grants (and small ones), difficulties to get a visa to come in Europe, etc. However, they persevered, and they are doing well!

The session will be made of six live interviews with six of these young scientists (duration of each interview between 10 - 12 minutes). Questions will make the scientists tell their story with science. Of course, what they are working on, but especially why they decided to do science, and how they choose their field and topic: curiosity driven, specific problem solving, applications, etc. And also what they plan to do after they defend their thesis.

We will make a call for written applications during the registration process for the YASE conference. During a special session of the YASE conference, we will select 6 candidates (3 women and 3 men), from oral presentations. The interviews will then be prepared by an African science journalist with the selected young scientists.

Moderator :

R Omungo2Rosalia Omungo, Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, Nairobi, Kenya